Secretarial compliance

Every company, after getting its Certificate of Incorporation from the Registrar of Companies, has to comply with certain rules and regulations with Ministry of Corporate Affairs as required by Companies Act, 2013.

The Govt. of India imposes strict penalties and fines for companies which do not comply, so we advise you to start with the compliance as early as possible.

  • Auditor Appointment.
  • Preparation & Filing of Form ADT - 01 (Auditor Appointment).
  • Assistance & Documents Preparation for Bank Account Opening.
  • Preparation of Balance Sheet, P & L Accounts, Audit Report, Director's Report, Extract of Annual Returns & Financial Statements (Unlimited Transactions).
  • Preparation & Filing of Form AOC 04 (Financials Related Annual Return).
  • Preparation & Filing of Form MGT 07 (Management Related Annual Return).
  • All Monthly/Quarterly/Annual Mandatory Compliance.
  • All Mandatory Statutory Compliance by Chartered Accountants (Certificate of Practice Holder).
  • All Mandatory Secretarial Compliance by Company Secretary (Certificate of Practice Holder).
  • End to End Business Advisory/Business Support Services by Highly Experienced/Qualified Chartered Accountants & Company Secretary.
  • Use of DSC of Auditor in Form AOC - 04.
  • Preparation of 04 Minutes of Board Meeting.
  • Preparation of Minutes of AGM.
  • Income Tax Returns (Company).
  • Income Tax Returns (For All Directors).
  • Income Tax Audit (If Turnover is More Than 1 Crore).
  • Share Certificate (For All Share Holders).
  • Preparation of 07 Registers.
  • Preparation of MPB-01 (Disclosure of Interest by Directors).
  • Preparation of DIR - 08 (Disclosure of Non-Disqualification by Directors).
  • Bookkeeping & Accounting Software and Training.

***Government Fee (Approx Rs.1000 Per Financial Year) for ADT-01, AOC-04 & MGT-07 Excluded.

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